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ACG will prioritize conditional analysis for clients and tailor-made wealth planning for 
each client to meet the unique individual needs of each client such as characters, family status, financial conditions and investment return orientation.

With the knowledge and insight of our ACG team on the market, we can filter and  select safe and reliable investment channels and products for our clients through the high-quality integrated investment pipeline platform.

Accordingly, our high-net-worth customers can accumulate wealth while being able to withstand and balance risks and obtain a guaranteed long-term stability, to achieve customer investment dreams, and to share our prosperous future.

Set up in NSW, Australia having its head office in Sydney and representative office in Taipei, Alpha Capital Group (ACG) is committed to managing wealth for high net worth clients with a view to consistently and sustainably growing client assets over the long term. Such objective is to be realized by a team of dedicated professionals which include but not limited to financial analyst, accountant, legal practitioner and taxation advisor. By leveraging the team’s expertise in the major securities, real estate and private equity markets in Asia Pacific Region, Alpha Capital Group helps its clients build up a diversified investment portfolio which specifically accounts for client’s preference for risk and return.


ACG aims to create a high-quality and neutral high-end service platform, dedicated to independent customers, excluding conflicts of interest, and covering a wide range of investment  areas for the purpose of providing customers with steady and rich  growth potential of wealth management planning services, the achievements of each customer achievements possession of the rich,  value-added, resulting heritage of the wealth management goals.

Our company will make every effort to establish a loyal and reliable team, providing  every customer a comprehensive and caring financial services, to become the most  trust-worthy wealth management experts for all our high net worth clients.

Company Team

The ACG Team includes all relevant people in the industry, from the basic fields of law and accounting, to experts in banking, fund industry, insurance industry and other financial and investment sectors. We are dedicated to provide our clients with efficient and suitable high-quality financial
advisory services.

With the help of some international financial professionals joining our team, in addition to the good relations between ACG and foreign financial markets, customers can easily choose the ideal foreign financial investment platform to enjoy the globalization with multiple investment supporting services that domestic investors cannot easily acquire.

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