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Signing Of “North-West Sydney Growth Corridor” Property Project MOU Between Wincheer Holdings And Alpha Capital (Australia)

Hong Kong Wincheer Holdings and Alpha Capital had signed a Memorandum Of Cooperation on January 17 this year, the opening day of Alpha Capital Taiwan Branch, at its Taipei branch office to finance the Australian real estate project under the development by Wincheer Holdings. MORE>>

Signing Of Cooperation Framework Agreement Of “Environmental Equipment Project Financing”Between Aurae Cooling Technologies Ltd. And Alpha Capital 

Singapore Aurae Cooling Technologies Ltd. was the first company in Asia to develop green energy, specializing in the research, development and commercialization of air-conditioning systems, water purification, air power generation and green construction. After many years of hard work and quantify resources, Aurae has developed a set of heat-recovery and environmental protection technologies with maximum utility based on the theoretical refrigeration cycle of unique physical process “Maisotsenko Cycle”. MORE>>

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